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Orange is joining forces with JCVD to offer its Belgian customers more choice

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Brussels, 17th June - At Orange, we give our customers real choice. It is embedded in our DNA, just as we are determined to break all the rules on the market. Orange was the first to offer unlimited mobile data. It was also Orange who came up with an alternative bundle (TV, Internet and mobile) – Love – to rival the top players on the market. And again, it was Orange who made the commitment not to increase its prices, to offer free MMS messages and unlimited data throughout Europe. We identify our customer’s frustrations, and we act upon them when necessary.

Our aim is to offer consumers as much choice as possible, and to give them greater control. And there is more... Today Orange Belgium is launching a huge campaign featuring the world-famous celebrity Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The pitch: through a web platform, the Belgian audience will be able to choose the storyline of our next television advert with JCVD. From 17-30 June, the audience will be able to make any suggestions they like to complete the script before the final result is broadcast this summer.

After all, at Orange, when we say we offer choice, that is exactly what we do.