We are committed

The Orange Foundation is present in Belgium via the Orange Belgium Fund, which is managed by the  King Baudouin Foundation.

For over 30 years the mission of the Orange Foundation has been to make digital a factor facilitating equality of opportunity.
In Belgium, we are delighted to have created the Orange Belgium Fund in order to support projects that promote solidarity and responsibility.

This patronage aims to provide concrete assistance to associations on the ground that are active in digital inclusion.
Today, almost 1 out of 2 Belgians is in a situation of digital vulnerability (source: digital barometer of the King Baudouin Foundation 2022).

We are convinced that, as an actor in the telecommunications sector, we have a vital role to play in giving everyone access to the possibilities offered by the new technologies and making digital a factor to facilitate equality of opportunity.
We want to make a priority commitment to people excluded from digital, especially young persons in precarious situations and women.
With our technologies and resources, we are advancing step by step towards greater digital inclusion.

Discover the Orange Belgium Fund's first-year impact report here

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The digital gap in Belgium

Zoom on the 2022 digital inclusion barometer of the belgian population between 16 and 74 years old.

View the report

Our patronage projects


Launch of a women's mentorship program

More women in tech'

As part of our gender equality mission, we are committed to supporting a mentoring program for women in technology, with the non-profit organization BeCode.

Our ambition is to offer a mentoring programme of 80 women, thereby strengthening their chances of finding a job in a tech profession.


Creation of digital homes for women in Belgium

45,000 € to support Women Digital Houses in Belgium

The objective? Offer training courses to strengthen the autonomy of women who are economically vulnerable or in a situation of digital precarity. On the programme: navigating the internet, drafting a CV, good online practices, using social networks…
It´s an ambitious partnership with the non-profit Girleek association.
In 1 year, a total of 1,472 women should benefit from these training courses (whether offered face-to-face or remotely), in Brussels and Antwerp. And this with the goal of fostering the digital woman of the future and promoting employability.

And thank you to our employees who took part in a donation campaign that resulted in several hundred additional beneficiaries.

Support for refugees in Belgium

50,000 € to support the digital inclusion of refugees in Belgium

The objective? To provide concrete assistance to both migrants and welcoming volunteers in the field:

  • it´s a gift to Digidak in order to finance

    • 1753 sessions of individual digital accompaniment for the most vulnerable citizens, refugees or seniors in the province of Antwerp

  • it´s a gift to Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés in order to finance in both Brussels and Wallonia

    • IT equipment for 75 people intended to facilitate their administrative interactions, search for housing, employment, etc.

    • WiFi connections to enable 800 persons to stay in contact with their family and friends in their country of origin

Together we are advancing step by step towards greater digital inclusion.

Guidance program for children

We chose to support TADA in order to structurally help socially vulnerable young people in Brussels by offering them a digital guidance programme.
Since September 2022, our internal teams put their backs into the project.
We are present at the weekend schools to add a digital layer to the learning programmes of these 1000 children between 10 and 14 years old.
It’s an ambitious project, and we are proud to be carrying it out with TADA and the King Baudouin Foundation. TADA (meaning ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir, or “WORKSHOP of the Future”) is a bilingual non-profit, active in Brussels and existing for 10 years with a proven track record in the field of inclusion.

And thank you to our employees who took part in a donation campaign that resulted in several hundred additional beneficiaries.

700 PCs for Ukrainian schools

In response to an appeal from the European Commission we are preparing to donate 700 reconditioned PCs for Ukrainian citizens.
These computers are currently being cleaned and refurbished. This is an ambitious project that we are delighted to implement in order to support teachers and schoolchildren in the war zones of Ukraine.

It is a further example of our commitment to digital inclusion.

tic tac lab

Initiation for young people in institutions

€32,500 invested for the benefit of the Tic Tac Lab!

It is in this Solidarity FabLab that 102 institutionalised young people received an introduction to technological tools. Over the course of 4 weekends, they learned to create objects using computer-controlled machines.