A strategy of partnerships

To increase its mobile telephony market share, Orange decided to conclude partnership agreements with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO´s) and other players interested in launching themselves in mobile telephony.

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Orange also offers possibility of partnerships for Roaming, Mobile Payment/Operator Billing, SMS Premium and interconnect.

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Our partners

Partnership with Transatel

In November 2007, Orange also concluded a partnership agreement with the French company Transatel. The Transatel target groups are mainly international audiences that generate a lot of cross-border traffic. Transatel delivers both mobile telephony services and MVNE support (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler), allowing MVNO´s to launch their own activities as a mobile operator.

Partnership with Galaxy

Since 2013, Orange launched a new MVNO agreement with Galaxy Mobile Solutions, a dutch company which extended its activities to Belgium. They are aiming at providing tailor-made solutions for SME customers and independents. The MVNO agreement with Galaxy has room for further growth.


This Reference Interconnect Offer deals with Interconnect Services which Orange Belgium offers to a duly authorized Public Network Operator, hereafter called “Operator”, for termination of voice calls to Orange Belgium Mobile Subscribers.