19/10/22 13:58

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Orange Belgium’s customer experience-focused network investments result in outstanding scores in the latest Opensignal benchmark study

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  • Multiplayer gaming experience award: 73.2 points
  • Upload speed experience award: 12.7 Mbps
  • Core Consistent Quality award: 92.1% of tests (joint winner) and Excellent Consistent Quality award: 84.8%


Orange Belgium’s mobile network has received top marks in the recent Opensignal benchmark report. Furthermore, the operator earned the largest haul of awards in the latest analysis of the Belgian mobile network experience. With excellent scores for the customer-centric categories Games Experience, Upload Speed Experience, Core Consistent Quality and Excellent Consistent Quality, Orange Belgium proves its constant focus on an optimal customer experience in the network. On top of that, Orange Belgium aims to offer its customers more efficient and faster services.

Multiplayer gaming experience award with 73.2 points

The Opensignal tests for the Games Experience category analyse how mobile users experience real-time multiplayer mobile gaming on an operator’s network, considering mobile network conditions including jitter, latency and packet loss. Additionally, multiplayer games of different genres were used during the tests to measure the average sensitivity to network conditions. To calculate the scores, the end-to-end experience from users’ devices are measured along with internet endpoints that host real games. On a scale from 0 to 100, Orange Belgium received a final score of 73.2 points, earning the operator the Games Experience award.

Upload speed experience award with 12.7 Mbps

The upload speed experience tests determine an operator’s average upload speeds observed by users across their mobile data networks. As content creation and the support of real-time communication services are growing in importance, upload speed is also becoming increasingly crucial to network users. With 12.7 Mbps, the best average upload speed was measured at Orange Belgium, earning the operator the Upload Speed Experience award.

Core Consistent Quality award with 92.1% of tests (joint winner) and the Excellent Consistent Quality award with 84.8%

Generally, Consistent Quality tests assess how often users’ experience on a network was sufficient to support the requirements of common applications. This takes into account several parameters such as download speed, upload speed, latency and so forth. The Core Consistent Quality is the proportion of user tests (expressed as a percentage) that met the minimum recommended performance thresholds for lower performance applications including SD video, voice calls and web browsing. The Excellent Consistent Quality is the percentage of users’ tests that met the minimum recommended performance thresholds for watching HD video, complete group video conference calls and playing games. With excellent percentages of 92.1% for Core Consistent Quality and 84.8% for Excellent Consistent Quality, Orange Belgium received the Core Consistent Quality award (joint winner) as well as the Excellent Consistent award.

Ongoing network investments in customer experience

Orange Belgium continues to provide better and more efficient services in the network. Stefan Slavnicu, Chief Technology Officer at Orange Belgium, explains: “As an operator, it is our mission to improve the network experiences of millions of customers. Therefore, we focus on driving up the automation to provide even better end-to-end quality and customer centricity. It's not only about the pure download speed but also about the upload speed, the start-up speed of a high-definition video, this is also about the mobile experience. This shows that we can still differentiate ourselves technically by focusing on end-to-end quality because a mobile network and the services it offers are not only about access but also about how we manage capacity and its means: transport network, IP network, internet peering interfaces. In order to continuously provide a seamless customer experience, we focus and invest in all those elements that play a key role. In the end, we want to offer our customers a best-in-class experience through state-of-the-art technology while we build our multigigabit networks oriented by a true customer obsession. ”

About Opensignal

Opensignal claims to be the independent global standard for analysing consumer mobile experience. These industry reports are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks. The September 2022 results cover the Data Collection Period from May 01 - Jul 29, 2022. The full report is available here: [https://www.opensignal.com/reports/2022/09/belgium/mobile-network-experience].