Send Orange by SMS to support a good cause

Support non-profits: grab your smartphone. Orange supports fundraising campaigns via SMS, in collaboration with Telenet, Proximus, Voo and Mobile Vikings. Meaning we offer our infrastructure for free. All collected funds are donated in full to charitable and social initiatives.

Who is eligible and under what conditions?

  • fundraising via SMS is only available to non-profit organisations officially recognised by the Belgian authorities
  • only numbers in the 4xxx range are allocated
  • the maximum amount per SMS is 1 €
  • the maximum duration of an SMS fundraising campaign is 1 month
  • all campaigns must be approved in advance by the telecom operators

*Charity and social initiatives can also opt for a commercial SMS fundraising campaign. Part of the funds raised will be passed on to telecom operators and technical facilitators to cover administrative costs.

Read more about the conditions and guidelines that apply to SMS fundraising.

person sends sms

How do I apply
for SMS fundraising?

Applications must be submitted to all telecom operators well in advance.

Complete the official application form
and send it to the following addresses: