1000 smart sensors for healthier gardens

As an IOT and data expert, we are proud to continue to support citizen science projects and in this case the 'Bodemleven' project!
This is an innovative large-scale experiment, in partnership with the University of Hasselt.

Concretely, our smart sensors, connected to the Orange IOT network, collect data on the health of the soil in real time. In total, 1000 sensors will be installed in Limburg. This way, the data from the sensors can be read in real time and scientists can use them immediately.

In the long run, the conclusions of the study in 2024, will allow us to have a more accurate and better adapted management of our heritage. This study is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art techniques and the quality of our network coverage.
This innovative project is also the concretization of our environmental and societal commitment, in parallel with the project ‘Klimaattuiniers’ (with the KU Leuven).

In addition to the provision of our technology and our network, we participate in a joint civic approach.

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