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Mobistar tekent mvno-overeenkomst met Lycamobile 26 april 2007

Brussels, 26 April 2007 - Today, Mobistar has signed a MVNO contract with Lycamobile, European market leader in prepaid SIM cards for international telecommunications. Lycamobile is targeting principally foreigners living in Belgium who communicate frequently with friends and family in their country of origin.  

Mobistar is further expanding his partnership strategy. The MVNO contract between Mobistar and Lycamobile combines the strong advantages of both players. Mobistar makes its high-quality network available. Lycamobile, European market leader in the prepaid SIM card segment for international calls, brings its international call termination expertise and the ability to reach a distribution network of more than 5,000 points of sales. Mobistar's objective is to work at all times with partners that are complementary in order to guarantee the best approach and optimal service in new markets. Lycamobile is the pioneering brand for international mobile phone communications powered by Lycatel, a company with more than 7 million pan-European users who generate more than 1.4 billion minutes spoken communications per month.

Belgium counts foreigners from different international communities, such as Morocco, Turkey and Eastern Europe. Given the distances, it is important for these people to be able to communicate regularly with their close family members and friends abroad. Lycamobile will now market a special range of offers for this target group in Belgium using the Mobistar network, with its own customer services department. As from 4 May 2007, the prepaid cards will be distributed in more than 1,000 existing points of sales of Lycamobile in Belgium. Lycamobile can rely on the knowledge and the experience of Lycatel in the international calling cards segment to launch its mobile product onto the Belgian market straight away. This MVNO contract enables Mobistar to target new market segments with growth potential.

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