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Mobistar’s operational activities now carbon neutral

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Our social responsibility

One of Mobistar’s aims is to participate in a global change of mentality, strengthening its societal identity, seeing it reflected in all departments of the company and promoting CSR initiatives.

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Network evolutions

Mobistar is constantly investing in the coverage, the capacity and the quality of its network. Discover the latest developments.

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Discover the latest annual report or consult the ones from previous years.

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Mobistar is always looking for staff.
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Q3 resultaten: Postpaid klantenbestand hervat groei - verhoging vooruitzicht minim. geherformuleerde EBITDA 2014 -
Résultats Q3: base clients postpaid renoue avec croissance - relève prévision min. d’EBITDA retraité pour 2014 -
#iphone6 et #iphone6plus disponibles dès demain 10h dans les #Mobistar Centers ou en ligne jsq 17h – livraison demain
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28/11/2014 - 16:13 CET - 19,13€

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